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Collateral Consequences

What are collateral consequences?

Collateral consequences of criminal conviction, also known as the “Four C’s,” are legal sanctions imposed upon people in addition to the direct consequences of a conviction, such as jail time, fines and probation. Examples of collateral consequences including losing the right to vote, deportation for immigrants (even those who hold permanent resident status), and ineligibility to receive public funds such as student loans or welfare benefits.


Sentencing happens after a finding of guilt has been declared.

After a criminal defendant is convicted or pleads guilty, a judge will decide on the appropriate punishment during the sentencing part of a criminal case.

Court Questions

General Court Questions

When your court day arrives, make sure you’re prepared. Below is information and tips that detail everything from when you should arrive to the courthouse to what you should where to court to what the possible outcomes for you case are.

Court Appearances

General Information on Court Appearances

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, you will have your day, and often times days, in court. Here’s what you need to know about court appearances.

Dealing with the Police

What should I do if I have a police encounter?

If you’ve been arrested or charged with a crime, or you have an encounter with police, you need to know your rights.