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Articles by Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer Carolyn Agin Schmidt

What is an Order for Protection and Who Can Apply?

Are you thinking about applying for an Order for Protection in Minnesota? Minnesota statute 518B.01 defines what the order is and who can apply.

What to Do if Police Show Up at Your Door

Whether you feel at ease or uncomfortable when law enforcement officers are near you, it’s important to know your rights. In this piece, find out what you should do if police come knocking on your door.

Unless you're convicted, you can now keep your property

Cops will no longer be able to keep property and cash seized in drug cases when there is no criminal conviction in Minnesota.

Under expungement law, reformed offenders get second chance

A bill passed on May 14, 2014 allows for people who have committed low-level crimes to expunge all of their records, allowing for higher chances of qualifying for housing and finding employment.

3 Most Popular Criminal Defense Cases of 2013

What do O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, and Martha Stewart all have in common? They all had groundbreaking and well-known trials. We know celebrities from their fame, but we also know names like Timothy McVeigh, Rod Blagojevich, and Scott Peterson. These names have become known from controversial and highly publicized trials and crimes. Criminal defense cases make way for new laws, new ideas, and most importantly, bring people to justice. There are new things to be addressed every year that make people stop and watch the case unfold. Here are 3 noteworthy criminal defense cases of 2013 that created quite a buzz.

Trust is a must in a lawyer/client relationship

In the middle of stressful legal trouble, people must have 100% trust in the criminal defense lawyer who’s handling their case.  Life can feel incredibly unstable when criminal charges are on the table. Before hiring a lawyer, feeling completely at ease and confident in your lawyer’s skills will take a mountain of anxiety off of a person’s back.

Defense attorneys want you to trust them. Law school and years of experience working through cases give them the ability to bring your case to a successful resolution. So how can you determine whether or not a law firm or attorney is going to command your trust and handle your case capably?

How can a criminal defense lawyer defend someone who’s guilty?

It’s an age-old question. High-profile cases in which seeming scoundrels are defended in court - and acquitted - turn the public against the criminal defense lawyers who represented them. Or, when the public finds out a person was guilty and their lawyer knew it all along and still vigorously defended them, the reaction’s usually negative. California lawyer Stephen Feldman, who defended David Westerfield, convicted of murdering a seven-year-old girl, is a good example of this. 

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Criminal Defense

Criminal defense is topic that can create a lot of tension, due to many controversial high-profile cases where lawyers advocated for unsavory criminals and the public reacted negatively. Criminal defense lawyers often get a lot of flack for what they do. However, the right to defense and a fair trial is a constitutional right, and a vital one at that.

Check Fraud in MN: Penalties and Plea Options

What starts as a difficult financial situation or a bad decision can easily turn into a criminal conviction in Minnesota. Under Minnesota law, check fraud can be punishable by hefty fines and even imprisonment. Check fraud can take on many different forms, but most commonly, check fraud involves forging a check or writing a bad or dishonored check.

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