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Vehicular Homicide Overview and Vehicular Manslaughter Legal Defense

Fatal Minnesota Accidents. Cases involving vehicular homicide are often very shocking and receive extensive media spotlight.  An average day or a fun night out can end with very serious charges, including imprisonment, fines, and license revocation.  One bad decision can spur a lifetime of devastating consequences.

Why Minnesota Fugitives Should Hire an Attorney Before They Surrender

If you are on the run from the law, don't plan your next move without an experienced criminal attorney. Being a fugitive can be a danger to your safety -- fleeing suspects are often hurt and sometimes killed as they attempt to elude police.

Death at a Minneapolis Bar Shows Need for Skilled Criminal Lawyer

When criminals attack, sometimes victims fight back. But in the case of a Minneapolis bar bouncer who was attacked with a knife, it could lead to a murder charge.

One example comes from a 2010 MPR report. The city's 28th homicide of the year occurred when a bouncer at Grumpy's bar in Minneapolis was attacked by a knife-wielding man outside the front door. He suffered cuts before finally, unable to disarm the man or fend him off, the bouncer shot him dead. He had a legal, licensed gun and a permit to carry it concealed.

Computer Crimes in Minnesota

The creation and widespread use of new technology often means better ways to do things and increased productivity and communication. It also means new ways to get into trouble, including new forms of fraud and theft.

Crimes involving computers and the Internet are typically either white collar crimes or crimes involving sexual misconduct. White collar computer and Internet crimes include:

  • Hacking
  • Theft of Technology
  • Internet Phishing
  • Promoting a Computer Virus
  • Computer Theft
  • Computer Damage
  • Fraud, and
  • Unauthorized Computer Access.

What is an expungement, and do I qualify for one?

An expungement is the sealing of all records or, in some cases, the return of records that one may have as a result of having been arrested or charged with a crime. There are three kinds of expungements under Minnesota Law: