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Driving Under the Influence of Ambien

Many Americans have trouble falling asleep and use prescription sleep aids to combat their sleep issues. But what happens when you drive with the sleep aid in your system? And what is the "Ambien Defense"?

What's New with Minnesota DWI Laws in 2016

1 out of 7 Minnesotans have a DWI on their record. That is a staggering fact, right? It may be a reason why Minnesota's DWI laws and practices are under intense scrutiny. To keep you in the loop, here is what is new with Minnesota’s DWI laws in 2016.

Charged with a DUI In MN? Get the Facts

If you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI, read this article. You have the right to know the options you have with your DUI case. Get familiar with the questions you’ll be asked, the facts you should know, and the actions you can take.

Minnesota’s Underage Drunk Driving Laws & Consequences

Minnesota’s “Zero Tolerance Law” or “Not a Drop Law” means any presence of alcohol is illegal for individuals under 21.

What You Should Know Before Accepting a DUI Plea Deal

DUI or DWI is a very serious offense to be facing. Not only can it result in severe punishment such as jail time and hefty fines, but the repercussions can be especially harsh if someone is injured while you were driving under the influence. In some cases, drivers are allowed to accept a plea deal rather than taking the chance of going to court and receiving a much harsher sentence. If you have been charged with DUI and you are thinking about taking a plea deal, here are some thing to consider.