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Drug Charges in Minnesota

What should I plead? Should I give a statement? What defense will be best for me?

The thought of being convicted of drug charges can terrify many people.  Legal processes are often bewildering for people who've not experienced them before - and it's not just thinking about going to court that disturbs people. They don't want this to haunt them for the rest of their lives. Nobody wants to have drug charges on their record. 

If you’re up against serious drug charges in Minnesota, an experienced lawyer can advocate for you, either to dismiss or to minimize the consequences for alleged substance possession or other drug-related charges. If you're looking for the best Minneapolis drug charge defense, you've come to the right place.

Get The Best Defense

At the Minnesota Law Office of Carolyn Agin Schmidt, we understand the way that convictions can impact your reputation and your record forever. Experienced criminal defense attorney Carolyn Agin Schmidt is here to protect your interests and help you through the often complicated, emotional legal process to a positive outcome. Whether working with juveniles or adults, Carolyn is an attorney you can trust to provide the right guidance through your drug charges.

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