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Powerful Minneapolis DWI Defense 

If you're facing a charge in the Twin Cities related to drinking and driving, you're probably scared for a number of reasons. For one, the thought of jail time is not pleasant. The prospect of having your driver's license taken away would be inconvenient and embarrassing. Future job prospects could be affected, you probably realize, especially any kind of employment that could involve working with children or driving a company vehicle. Many Minnesotans face these kinds of charges with similar feelings. 

Most people deeply regret the choice to drive while intoxicated. Sometimes the charges don't even seem fair. All they want is a fresh start and a clean record. 

Carolyn Agin Schmidt - Your Minneapolis DWI Lawyer

Here's the good news: with the aid of experienced legal counsel, you can have a clean record. DWI charges are more common than not, and a good lawyer can help you navigate the case in court to a positive outcome. You've come to the right place for the best Minneapolis DWI defense.

DWI lawyer Carolyn Agin Schmidt provides aggressive, confident, and skilled defense for individuals facing serious charges related to drinking and driving. She has worked with clients facing alcohol-related convictions for years and provided the defense they deserve in court. You want someone who can aggressively and capably defend you when you go to court, and Carolyn has done that for countless clients.

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