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The Aggressive Defense Lawyer of Minneapolis

Effectively resolving a criminal charge requires more than just a familiarity with the legal system. You need agressive, caring, comprehensive representation from someone who's won cases before. 

At The Law Office of Carolyn Agin Schmidt, founder and Minneapolis criminal defense attorney Carolyn Agin Schmidt will use her extensive legal experience, vigorous advocacy, and numerous contacts in the legal community to bring your case to a fast, fair conclusion.

Our Approach

As an award-winning member of the bar, Carolyn recognizes that legal problems do not exist in a vacuum. She understands that there are underlying issues that may have contributed to the criminal charges you now face. Whether your issue is complicated by addiction, a mental health concern, or problems with anger management, Carolyn provides the personalized, compassionate connection necessary to handle the legal aspect of your case and get you in touch with the resources you need to ensure you do not end up in the same situation again.

Consult With Carolyn

When you meet with Carolyn for a free and confidential initial criminal defense consultation, she will listen carefully to your situation and offer you a knowledgeable perspective of your case. Once you understand your options, she will help you build a solid plan of action, and offer a variety of innovative solutions to help you make the best of a tough situation and get your life back on track.

Ready to bring your legal case to a successful conclusion? Countless clients have already been in your shoes - and seen results. You need the best criminal defense attorney in Minneapolis. Read about Carolyn's successful track record in court.