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 Minnesota Drug Charges Need Vigorous Defense

A 2010 drug-crime case in Mankato, Minn., pointed out the need for anyone facing a drug charge to have an experienced criminal attorney who can offer sound advice and protect their rights. A drug dealer was sentenced to 98 months for felony second-degree drug charges. The defendant made his situation worse through several inadvisable actions he took.

Most importantly, after his arrest he asked an informant who had bought cocaine from him not to testify against him, and offered to help the witness leave the country. These witness-tampering crimes added to the gravity of his situation. With sound legal advice, he would have understood the additional threat to his freedom that could arise from speaking to witnesses. Instead, prosecutors ended up with a tape of his chat with the informant, which included his bragging that if officers had come the previous day, they would have found more drugs.

The additional charges became a powerful bargaining chip prosecutors used to help obtain a plea agreement that led to the 98-month sentence. If his case had gone to trial, this defendant would have been at risk of serving an even longer sentence, due to his ill-advised actions after his arrest.

If you are arrested for a drug-related crime or suspect you might be, know that Minnesota and federal drug laws are harsh. Conviction of possessing even a small amount of some drugs can result in a very long jail sentence.

It's essential to have the advice of an experienced criminal attorney if you are charged with a drug-related crime. To learn more about your rights in drug cases, or to discuss a specific situation you are facing, call The Law Office of Carolyn Agin Schmidt