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Minnesota DUI Do's and Don’ts

Stopped by an officer while driving - and at risk for getting an alcohol-related driving charge? Here's some tips to consider.

Do Be Cooperative and Polite.

No one appreciates being stopped by the police. However, when dealing with an officer, you should do your best to be cooperative and polite. Antagonistic or hostile behavior will only irritate the officer and may work against you if your case goes to court.

Don’t Answer Any Questions Other Than Your Name and Address.

Answering questions without a lawyer present is never a good idea. Anything you say could be construed in a negative light and/or used against you in court. You should provide the officers with your name and address when they ask for it, but do not answer any other questions.

Don’t Give a Statement.

Giving a statement without seeking the advice of an attorney is unwise. Before answering any questions or giving a statement of any kind, you should consult with an experienced attorney. Even if you believe you have done nothing wrong, your statement could be misconstrued and used against you.

Do Call Your Attorney As Soon As Possible After the Incident.

You should call a Minneapolis DWI lawyer as soon as possible after being stopped by the police. There are a number of steps that may need to be taken to help protect your rights, including your right to drive. Waiting to call could mean you miss the chance to fight the revocation of your license.

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