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Articles by Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer Carolyn Agin Schmidt

  1. Clear your name- If you have a reputation to hold up, you will want the case to be cleared discretely and with a minimum penalty.

  2. Speed up the process- With a busy schedule, a criminal case can get in the way. A lawyer will be able to take away a lot of the work and keep the process moving so that it will be as painless as possible.

  3. Keep your job- If you are faced with a serious enough crime, you may get fired from your job or be penalized in future interviews. If the lawyer can reduce the level of your offense, this is less likely to happen.

  4. Minimal sentence- Jail time is a serious possibility for many cases. A criminal defense lawyer can usually negotiate for less or no jail time.

  5. Minimal fine- This is where the cost of a lawyer can literally even out. A criminal defense lawyer will be able to negotiate a lower fine for the crime. This could make a big difference if you are facing large charges.

  6. Understanding your crime- Charges can be confusing, especially if this is your first offense. Lawyers have been to school and dealt with many cases so they will be able to explain what you are being charged with and what that means.

  7. Walk you through the process- You definitely do not want to miss a step in the process of your trial. This could lead to more serious penalties. A lawyer will keep track of this for you and tell you exactly where and when you need to be somewhere.

  8. Take care of paperwork- A criminal defense lawyer will be able to make sure all of the paperwork dealing with your case is filed and filled out correctly. They will also be able to explain the documents to you so that you are never signing something that you are unsure of.

  9. Knowledge of the law- Professional lawyers have a vast knowledge of the law that many civilians could not obtain. This is very helpful during the process of your case.

  10. Communicate with other parties- If another party is involved in your case, there is a great chance that you will not want to communicate with them. They can use any of your words against you and it is not in your best interest. A lawyer will be able to do the talking for you.

  11. Build your case- A criminal defense lawyer will be able to talk to witnesses and find the necessary evidence to help your case. Witnesses might not be open to talking about your case right away, but the lawyer will be able to make them feel more secure.

If you are still unsure about if you need a lawyer to handle your case, get a free consultation. It is better to be proactive than wait until it is too late.

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