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New Minnesota Laws: August 2016

New laws were recently put in place on August 1st, 2016 affecting minimum wage, drunk drivers, drug users, and more. It is always a wise idea to know the new changes in Minnesota’s laws. Check below to see if any of these new laws may affect you!

Drunk Driving

The statutory maximum penalty for repeat drunk drivers who kill someone on the road will now be 15 years instead of 10.

Minimum Wage

Minnesota's minimum wage has gone up to $9.50 per hour for companies that have revenue of over $500,000 per year and $7.75 per hour for companies that make under $500,000 a year. This is the final step in the three-step increase implemented in 2014.

Drug Sentencing

This is the first big changes to Minnesota’s drug laws in almost 30 years. It favors treatment rather than jail time for low-level drug users in attempt to reduce overcrowding in the prisons.

Body Cameras

Video recovered from police body cameras will now be private unless the police fire their weapon or cause “substantial bodily harm”.

Social Media after Death

You can now specify in your will who (if anyone) will take over your digital accounts after death.

Marriage Licensing

You may now be officially married on the day you apply for your marital license. The former five-day waiting period has been removed.

Revenge Porn

You can now receive a gross misdemeanor or even a felony for releasing sexual images of another person if both parties did not consent. This includes photos or recordings.


Pharmacists can now send patients home with a 90-days supply of medication as long as they have used up a month's worth of the medication. Controlled substances are exempt from this new law.


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